City Youth updates

Read about upcoming events and exciting updates in our City Youth ministry.

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Now Hiring

I started working with City Church in April 2015, four months before the church’s public launch. It was really special being a part of something from the ground up. The newly formed team had big ideas and goals for City Church, and it was an incredible season to watch this community grow from its first days.

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It is our dedication as a church family to pursue an ever-deepening knowledge of our brothers and sisters, along with comprehending the love of our heavenly father more fully because of how the stories that illicit this knowledge testify to his grace. This goal has inspired the overarching theme for the sermons and worship on Sundays in 2018/2019 ministry year, as well a brand-new recording project by Civic Club and the Worship Arts Ministry of City Church.

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Sermons on Social Isolation

Reflecting upon the question “what is the central challenge facing our era?” New York Times columnist David Brooks concluded, “My answer would be: social isolation.” Based on my experience serving as a pastor for over a quarter century, I think he’s correct. We’re a lonely lot. Many of us feel like people don’t really know us, and we long for deeper, safer, more life-giving relationships with others.

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Make Your Work Matter

According to recent Gallup research, sixty-seven percent of the American workforce is disengaged from their work. This is tragic, not only because of the economic implications this represents for employers and our economy, but also for the individual. We spend so much of our lives at work that when we’re disengaged in our work we’re wasting our lives.

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4th Sunday Meals

On the 4th Sunday of each month, our City Groups gather together to share a meal in host homes around the city. Two City Groups are paired at each location in an effort to help our community meet as many people at City Church as possible.

This is a great way to connect with more people at City Church. If you've never attended a City Group before, it's no problem! This is the perfect event to attend to start meeting others.

At each gathering, dinner is provided, so all you need to do is show up! These meals are for adults only as we are not able to provide childcare at this time.

We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to check out our City Groups, and bring a friend with you! Please let us know if you are coming by clicking here to RSVP.


623 E 12th St, Houston, TX 77008

914 Briarbrook Drive Houston, Texas 77042

5621 Lynbrook Drive, Houston, TX 77056

3739 Bellefontaine St., Houston, TX 77025

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Our Oldest Youngest Member

Eleanor Stampfli is 96 years old. She joined City Church during our first year. Soon after that she had to move to an assisted living facility in League City to be closer to her daughter. She visits City Church whenever she’s able, which is not very often, so recently I visited her. I have since made a vow to visit her more often.

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Because You're There

In 2005 The Pew Research Center started tracking the use of social media by American adults. At that time, Myspace was in its prime, Facebook had one year under its belt, and messaging platforms like AIM were increasingly popular.

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The Longing to Be Known

I’m excited to introduce this year’s overarching sermon theme: Knowing and Being Known. Two interlocking ideas animate this theme: the human longing to be known and the gift we’re given to know the supreme being of the universe and be known by him.

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