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Women's Retreat

On February 1-2, City Church is hosting our first women’s retreat in nearby Brookshire, TX. I would love for you to join us Friday evening and all day Saturday as we gather to rest, encounter the Lord, and grow in our relationships with each other. 

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Connecting with the Present Moment - An Antidote to Anxiety

New Study Finds Solving Every Single Personal Problem Reduces Anxiety.” This humorous 2016 headline from The Onion highlights our longing for personal peace and the absurdity of peace being tied to our circumstances. All of us know anxiety - ranging from “ruminating” or “mentally revisiting” a problem all the way to an experience of utter physical panic. While we lack the ability to control things that have caused fear in the past or the things that threaten to cause fear in the future, God has given us the ability to connect with the present moment in a way that can provide grace and relief. This relief is available to us as we connect with our own bodies, with the Lord and with other people.


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