2020 Vision

2020 Vision

by Leo Schuster

Can you believe the 2020s are here? The new decade invites us to sharpen our focus—to recover twenty-twenty vision! It’s all too easy, given our fast-paced lives cluttered with distractions, to lose focus, let our vision blur, and even lose our way. As we embark upon the new decade, our first series is designed to refresh our focus on our vision.

Who we are? At the core of our being we’re lovers. God made us to love him with all our heart, soul, and mind and to love our neighbor as ourselves. We long to be the kind of people who bring beauty into broken places by loving God, loving others, and loving the city. We know this is only possible because God has first loved us.

Central to this vision is the conviction that City Church is a mission. We’re a city within a city, a devoted and inclusive community within Houston designed to help people explore faith and flourish in life. We’re patient with one another and love people as they are because we’re all in-process. We honor questions and don’t demean those who doubt because it isn’t easy to believe. Because Jesus came to set the oppressed free, we love justice. We want to help one another reimagine work in light of faith. And because our God is the original artist, we celebrate the arts and artists as vital to the recovery of beauty in a broken world.

As we enter 2020, will you join with me in sharpening our focus? To cultivate your deepest love, let’s make worship a central priority and make a habit of inviting others to join us on Sundays. Let’s commit ourselves to building community at City Church. If we’re not currently serving on a ministry team, let’s do so now.

As I’ve reflected on the decade we’ve just concluded and imagine the 2020s that lie ahead, I am especially grateful for what I get to do. It’s not only a privilege to serve as your Lead Pastor, it’s a blast! Join me in praying that we maintain our focus and that in the days to come we’ll be astounded by all the Lord does in and through us.