City Groups

City Groups

by Linc Ashby

In a recent sermon I shared compelling evidence from a Washington Post article, curiously titled More and More Research Shows Friends Are Good for Your Health. A team of psychologists compiled data on more than three million people and discovered something quite incredible - “the absence of social connections carry the same health risk as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day. Loneliness leads to worse outcomes than obesity.” One psychologist interviewed in the article said, “a good friend is a wonderful anti-depressant.”

Think of City Groups as a community of anti-depressants, where we give and receive help. City Groups are simply a group of friends - a small to medium-sized intersection of your friends at City Church and your friends in Houston - where authentic hospitality is practiced, where we live life together - not alone and where the door is always open to someone new. There’s always a “seat at the table.” 

City Groups are a safe place to explore issues of faith… and doubt. We worship, read the Bible and pray together, but we also ask questions, listen, care for another and serve the needs of our city. City Groups also like to throw really good parties because Jesus never turned down an invitation to a meal, and for his first miracle, he chose to keep the wine flowing at a wedding reception, which simultaneously launched his kingdom. 

We have groups in the following areas: Downtown, Rice | Medical Center, Timbergrove, Braes Heights, Braeswood, Midtown, South Houston, Montrose and two groups in the Heights. These groups meet on different days and times throughout the week. 

We hope you’ll make a commitment this ministry year to form lasting friendships that will help carry you through, because we all need help to carry us through this life and into the next.