City Groups Reboot

City Groups Reboot

by Linc Ashby

City Groups are small to medium sized groups of City Church friends and Houston friends which gather regularly to share the gospel with each other, pray and care for each other and serve the city together. Put more simply, City Groups are a place to explore faith and connect with each other.

As we prepare to start our fourth ministry year, we will be making a couple of significant changes to our City Groups ministry, a reboot of sorts. I am very excited to share these with you.

First, we will be implementing a monthly rhythm that each City Group will follow:

  • City Groups will meet regularly on the first, second and third weeks of the month with two groups alternating on the first and third weeks of the month. These weeks will be understood as the weeks following the first Sunday, second Sunday and third Sunday because…
  • On the fourth Sunday all City Groups will rotate to different host homes for a meal from 6 - 7:30 PM, which will be called 4th Sunday Meals
    • these will happen a total of six times on the following dates:
      • fall - Sept. 23, Oct. 28 and Nov. 25
      • spring - Jan. 27, Feb. 24 and Mar. 24
      • church picnic - Apr. 28
    • each City Group will be paired with a different City Group for 4th Sunday Meals while also rotating to a different host home
    • all you do is show up, enjoy each other and get to know some new people at City Church, some of whom will be providing everything related to the meal
    • aside from 4th Sunday Meals, City Groups will not meet during the fourth week of the month (once again, understood as the week following the fourth Sunday)
    • finally, this meal is a great time to invite new people to explore your City Group
  • Please check the website regularly for all details on dates, times and locations.

Second, City Groups will no longer discuss the sermon; instead, they will engage in a Bible study together, facilitated by the leaders. I will develop the lessons and distribute them on a weekly basis to the leaders, who will share with the group.

We hope this will enable our church family to become more relationally connected to each other, not only in breadth (you get to know more people at City Church) and but also depth (you get to know each other better).

City Groups will launch the week of August 26, with kickoff gatherings in each group. The rhythm described above will start the first week of September (the week following Sunday, September 2).

  • Click here for our City Groups webpage to read about each group.
  • Click here to see our church calendar, which will be updated regularly so that you always know where and when to show up for any of our eight City Groups. You might even want to bookmark it!

I encourage you to visit many of our City Groups this fall and then make a commitment to one for the rest of the ministry year. This is our primary way to get connected. If you have questions or comments, please reach out to me so that I can process with you how to help this ministry best serve you and others. 

Linc Ashby
832.489.5093 (cell)