City Youth Mission Trip Recap

City Youth Mission Trip Recap

by Rachel Ashby

Two weeks ago, the City Youth got to go to Arlington for a mission trip. I was so excited when I heard that we would be teaching kids about Jesus. When we got to Arlington, we stayed in a small-ish apartment without furniture or beds. Every morning we would wake up, have breakfast, have devotional time, and head to our first stop.

We would go to two apartment complexes and have a little Vacation Bible School for the kids. The first place we went was a hard part of town where the apartments weren't very nice. We would start with some games and then go on to singing, puppet shows, and sharing some of our stories of how God shows his love in our life. After that we would go into smaller groups and teach them the story of Moses and the plagues.

During the VBS we really tried to get close to the kids. There were two girls that were around three years old, Miracle and Gimaya, that I got close to that week. They were some of the sweetest girls I've ever met.

After we went to the first place we would go to the next apartment complex. This place was a lot nicer and the apartments were bigger. We did the same with these kids. They would listen to the stories we shared and really enjoyed playing the game, Red Light, Green Light. They were very sweet as well.

That week I made good friends in City Youth, got to teach the love that God has for all of us to kids that didn't know him, and I had a great time. It was one of the best weeks of my life. I learned a lot more about how Jesus has a plan for my life. I will never forget those kids.