Experiencing God’s Beauty

Experiencing God’s Beauty

by Leo Schuster

Beauty is a powerful thing. We know that from our encounters with it in its many forms. It can lift us out of the mundane and at times transport us. And what about ultimate beauty? Might it even, as Dostoyevsky imagined, save the world?

2019 at City Church begins with a series on ultimate beauty--the beauty of God. Each Sunday we’ll reflect on an aspect of his character that contributes to his matchless beauty. Not only is this important if we’re to know God, but essential if we’re to know him in a dynamic, experiential way that lifts us, transports us, and has the capacity to transform us.

Yes, this will be a theologically thick series--but understandably so: the subject is infinitely vast. But we’ll also see that true knowledge of God isn’t esoteric but wonderfully accessible to all. God’s beauty can never be merely speculative. At every point it is also experientially sublime. It is always theology unto doxology! That kind of knowledge has the power to reach anyone, heal any hurt and even save the world!

Join us and invite others beginning Sunday, January 6.