Living with Dignity

Living with Dignity

by Claire Berger

King David writes in Psalm 16, "the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places." The phrase brings justice to mind because it raises the question: What happens to those for whom literal boundary lines do not fall in pleasant places? I am not talking about the distribution of good things, but the ability to live as a person with dignity.

One City Church distinctive is that we believe every person possesses inherent dignity. In the same breath, we also believe we are all broken to the core and in great need of a great Savior. We also love our city, and part of loving a place is looking at what systems, our broken systems made by broken people, are keeping those made in the image of God from simply, living.

What are the lingering effects of redlining in our city? What happens in the courtroom down the road from where we meet in the House of Blues when someone can't afford a lawyer? Who is there to look after those who have suffered from human trafficking? City Church partners with organizations who are asking these questions and meeting them with life-giving action.

David opens up that Psalm of his, Psalm 16, with a plea, "Lord, preserve me. In you I take refuge." God is both a delight and a refuge for David. David rejoices in God's saving and sovereign action— "he holds my lot." Because of who God is, he still loves to be our refuge, and he loves to do this through means. It becomes a delight to us to be used by God.

How will he use you to restore the broken places in our city? And how will he use the people you meet there to help you see the broken places inside of you? Join us in the work of bringing beauty to broken places, and find out.