Making the Album

Making the Album

by Joy Hanna

Music can often help us process emotions and feelings in a way that mere words cannot. CIVIC CLUB's hope for the album, Knowing and Known, is that it will feed your soul with words that bring life and encouragement.

This album has been based on this past year's sermon theme, so CIVIC CLUB has been writing, recording, and releasing a new song each month under the category of "Known" or "Knowing." The five songs under the "Known" banner are original materials that express the stories and personal experiences of the contributing writers.

One of those songs is, "What If." Josh Moore and I wrote it, and this song expresses the fear of disapproval and failure and imagines the freedom of being completely known and yet completely loved.

The other five tunes under the "Knowing" heading are recordings, some original and others adapted from preexisting works, that are congregational worship songs utilized by City Church on Sunday mornings.

A "congregational" song is meant to be sung corporately, and is personally harder for me to write because it should have an easily singable melody and universal theme that resonates with everyone. The songs we sing together can teach us our theology and can be beautiful expressions of the truth we find in Scripture. Singing these songs together has power to give life and set us free from our anxieties, fears, condemnation, and self reliance. I've tried to stretch myself to write congregational songs because I feel passionate about helping others, especially in the local church, experience the beauty and greatness of God through the means of music!

Songwriting inspiration can come in many forms: a conversation with a friend, a quote from a book or sermon, Scripture, or an old hymn text that incites a fresh, new melody. I generally start with a concept and then sit down at the piano or guitar and work out a tune that accompanies the lyrics well. Sometimes a song will be finished in three hours or sometimes it can take weeks to finish and edit.

All of our music has been recorded and produced by our very own Josh Moore and instrumentally accompanied by our CIVIC CLUB musicians. There are quite a lot of hours that go into building and shaping the sound of each song, but like songwriting, some recordings can come together quicker than others depending on the complexity or simplicity of the instrumentation.

It has been my privilege to work with these musicians on this album, and we hope it will be a soundtrack for you on your journey of knowing a love greater than anything in this world.

Knowing and Known is now available to stream or download on Spotify and Apple Music