My Favorite Place to be on a Friday Afternoon

My Favorite Place to be on a Friday Afternoon

by Linc Ashby


The WorkFaith Connection is a ministry partner of ours at City Church. They exist to encourage disadvantaged job seekers in their hope for a better future and to equip them with the skills and beliefs to gain employment and lead healthy, productive and spiritually rich lives. Nowhere is their vision more powerfully experienced than during their graduation ceremonies on Friday afternoons, the culmination of their 8-Day Job Search Program, which runs continuously throughout the year. Occasionally, I have the opportunity to speak at these graduations - it’s always an honor and joy - but anyone can come and I encourage you to go! You can find the schedule at The WorkFaith Connection.

What I experience on Friday afternoons at the WorkFaith Connection is the shocking surprise of grace that comes with such power and beauty that tears mix with laughter. Initially, many who come to the WorkFaith Connection are just hoping for some better job leads, but nearly all leave and return - their program includes follow up support - with something so much more - a biblical vision of vocation, a clearer understanding of how faith and work converge, and a transformed life by Jesus through the power of his gospel.

About a month ago, a few moments after I had finished speaking at a graduation ceremony, I overheard a few of their staff say they had over booked the following Friday, scheduling three graduations and did not have enough speakers.

I chimed in. “I can do it,” quickly pulling out my phone to confirm my promise. “Are you sure that’s not too much?” One of their staff asked.
“No, this is my favorite place to be on a Friday afternoon.”

A few weeks ago a note appeared in our office from Dhyana, a recent WorkFaith Connection graduate. Here’s some of what she shared -“Thank you so much for your contribution to the WF Connection and making this program available to someone like me... This program has been a Godsend! I feel so blessed to have a team of support helping me narrow my job focus and teach me the information and skills to be able to land my dream job... This is not just an educational program but one that has challenged me to put God first and find my purpose in God’s kingdom... It’s been one of the biggest turning points of my life.”

Yes, Dhyana, I know what you mean, every Friday afternoon when I am at a WorkFaith Connection graduation, it’s one of the biggest turning points in my life, too.