New Series: Songs in the Key of Life

New Series: Songs in the Key of Life

by Leo Schuster

“Ah music,” said J.K. Rowling’s Albus Dumbeldore, wiping his eyes, “A magic beyond all we do here!” In my experience music does have almost a magical power. It has the capacity to help us connect with places deep inside our souls. It shouldn’t surprise us, therefore, that one of the most important books in the Bible and Christian practice throughout the centuries is a collection of songs.

I’m really excited about our new series that begins this Sunday: “Songs in the Key of Life.” Borrowing its name from a Stevie Wonder record by the same title, this series looks to the classic song book of the Bible, the Psalms. Quoted more frequently by Jesus than any other Old Testament book, Psalms has endured through the ages as a best practice for those seeking spiritual growth and health.

These ancient songs prove to be remarkably accessible to modern ears due to the raw emotional range found in them. Wherever you may find yourself in life, the Psalms can meet you there. They’re a doorway through which anyone can enter, explore and connect with God, regardless of their circumstances or spiritual commitment.

Please use this opportunity to invite others to visit City Church this Sunday.