Serving at City Church

Serving at City Church

by Claire Berger

One of the most difficult things to achieve is self-forgetfulness. When we strive for a full life, we normally think of our own personal freedoms or our own particular individuality. Thinking of others isn’t what first comes to mind.

And yet Jesus invites his followers into a life about others not because he is a miser but because, paradoxically, we find freedom in thinking beyond ourselves.

Serving on a Sunday morning ministry team is a rhythm you can incorporate into your life to practice thinking of others. Join us in making the literal and emotional space for people on Sunday mornings. It is a mystery that in seeking the good of every person and the whole person, we end up not just doing good for those we serve, but ourselves.

Sign up for a Sunday morning ministry team today and explore this mystery with us.

Watch a video of some of our volunteers talking about serving at City Church.