Your Invite Matters

Your Invite Matters

by Kyle Roquemore

I was born and raised in the church. I’ve always believed that God existed, but for a long time I had what I would call a “surface relationship" with him. I just never felt good enough. Some Christians seem to cruise through life without a care in the world. Well, that’s not me. Having a relationship with God felt like nothing more than a heavy burden to carry, especially when I became an adult and had children. I felt so inadequate to lead them toward a meaningful relationship with God. And to be honest, the reason was that I didn’t feel like I had a real relationship with him to begin with.

I found City Church purely by happenstance. A few years ago, my girlfriend was invited to an event hosted by City Church called “Race and Grace,” an open forum on racial healing and understanding. I came along, but I figured this would be a typical “church event” where people gave lip service to getting to know “those not like us.”

Man was I wrong! I was blown away as a woman cried and asked for grace from those who may have felt wronged by something she or members of her race had done to offend those of another race. God showed me grace by giving me a different perspective on people’s hearts, people whom in the past I had quickly dismissed as inauthentic. I felt so encouraged that real people were having a real dialogue about real issues—it felt like home, my moment of grace. Later, I would understand how this authenticity came from a love for Jesus Christ, who provided the backbone for their conversation.

I wanted more. After that meeting, my girlfriend and I decided to attend a worship service to see if we would experience what we felt during that forum. It was by far the best service that I’ve experienced—once again, the grace of God. Ultimately, we decided to make City Church our church home. 

Kim and I were married last March by one of the pastors. And today, we are proud to be members of this wonderful body of Christ. Since joining our family continues to experience God’s movement in our lives in a wonderful way. 

A few months ago, we attended a prayer gathering and before we started we went around the circle, introduced ourselves, and answered the following question: What’s one of your favorite things about City Church? I told everyone that it’s where I discovered what a real relationship with Jesus looks like. Now I know that it’s only because of Jesus that my relationship with God can be real and meaningful. Because the truth is, I am always inadequate, but he is not. I thank God everyday for giving his Son for my sins, a grace I never deserve.